Monday, January 18, 2010

lazy lazy lazy

A thousand apologises for my laziness. I have no excuses. Lets just get straight into what are the haps.

Its totally valentines day soon! How exciting! I've never really done anything romantic on Valentine's Day before, last year I went on my first V-Day date. It was super dooper awkward and I didn't see him again...but I still like Valentine's day.

Fred Flare - $11
I've always wanted heart shaped glasses. I think I've tried them on before and they didn't suit my face, but I find them so darn cute that I just can't resist them

Fred Flare Retro Cards - $8
one word - N'awwwww

Fred Flare

Plasticland Cake Pan - $21
Probably only bring this one out if you've been dating more than an hour...that would be creepy. Its so darling though.


Other things I find romantic: Claddagh rings, swans, roses and a thousand other cliches.

And any of these dresses would be cute on a Valentine's Day date which is always a picnic in my mind.The latter is from one of my favourite brands, SOMETHING ELSE.

That's really all I have to say at the moment. Talk to you soon, if not, all Australians have a good Australia Day, I'm looking forward to having a HUGE BBQ.

Au Revior

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