Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Oh my, its Halloween tomorrow!
I live in Australia, so Halloween consists of someone having a dress up party, or going to one at a club. I am doing neither. I will spend my halloween in bed, possibly creating a fort to hide from Michael Myers. But if I was going to go out, I might have one of these costumes
Fun Fact, did you know there are NO nice Snow White Costumes on the web? I have to make my own! Which is going to be an adventure in itself, though alot easier now that I've found the pedal to my sewing machine! Theres something alot better with homemade costumes. They seem alot wittier, more clever, and generally betterI don't have to post a link! Some sites are so clever :)
(p.s. someone make me/send me patterns of a max costume, THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE!)

Turn out the link on the photo before this one is a LIE! But this one is correct
Harvey Birdman, what a great costume. Looks pretty easy too, trusting you can get your hands on a grey suit...A purple suit, however, is significantly more difficult
Look at this costume though! It's amazing! How I miss Heath Ledger. Its weird, you laugh when people cry when celebrities die, and then a celebrity you like dies and its like ...Oh my god, I understand...
I didn't cry then though. But I tried watching 10 Things I hate about you, when he started singing I teared up and was upset for a good hour or so.

Well Thats really all I have to say. And, as it is now 12:20am in Australia, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zippers and Zippers

How I wish I could wear bracelets. They always look funny on me for some reason.
Found at Hurricane Boutique, seen on the coveted


Its almost Movember! Get growing those moustaches! Female? No problem with these assorted moustache related products available

Hand embroidered onto colourful bandanas, these moustachs come in Blonde Brown and Black and can be found here

Perhaps you'd rather a mug with your favourite 'stache on? for 11.95pounds (my keyboard doesnt have that symbol, and looking is hardddd) you can enjoy one of the three mugs available. Each mug has two moustaches painted on, and are frightfully amusing
can be found herePretty much sells itself
Not sure if they're actually available....

Vivienne Westwood

theres really nothing I can say about this

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Meteor Boot
Seychelles / $150Cape
Safe / $210Skerry Vinter
Tretorn / $62

Alex's Antler Necklace
Alex & Chloe / $39.95

The Poirot Necklace

Stylin' Stag Ring

Bubble Gum Hi-Tops

BIG HEARTS hot pink
PUCKER tortoise
I owned glasses just like these, they broke a few months ago. They only cost me $1.50 at lifeline, seeing this breaks my heart


11 Floors of treehousey goodness!

Its taken a 56 year old man 14 years to build this beast, in a town in America
It serves as a church, tourist attraction, and home to some lucky few
If you're ever in Cumberland County, Tennessee, I would definently check it out

Story here


Emma Watson, How dare you be so bloody fashionable
I wish I had a field of flowers to frolic in

Images From Teen Vogue
(old old old though)


There are some very good vintage and fashion sites out there and here are some of my favs!

Polly Farthing Vintage
Full of outfits in their shop, links to interesting sites and song clips, Polly Farthing is my current fav! Buy me some of their 70s clothes and I'll be your best friend


Much more revamped than Polly Farthing, but still alot of beautiful vintage clothing. I love these clothes, I want to move to Ohio to thieve them all.


I only just stumbled upon this, which is coincidently by a girl I went to school with when we were youngin's. Its a great read and, surprisingly enough, mostly about black clothes

Fifi Lapin

Isn't she cute? Fifi Lapin, the most well-dressed bunny on the webs. Recently selling shirts I do believe, if you wish to buy me one (I should get paid for all this spruiking!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bonjour Internet

Good morrow to thee, interwebs and its inhabitants. This blog is just to share some of my favourite things, and what I'm up to. Lets start with 5 of my favourite things

1. KittensHave you ever noticed cat lovers are significantly more fanatical than dog lovers? I mean I like dogs, but I LOVEEE cats, like collecting figurines-wishing I had about 15 cats kinda love. I don't think dog lovers do that. I could however be wrong

2. Kooky Fashion
I don't mean Alexander McQueen kinda kooky, though I do still love that, I mean more this cute horsey dress by Marchesa, so so pretty! Looks slightly like an ice skating costume though...


Look at that amazing scarf! I love knitting, I wish I was better at it. I use one of the knitting looms you get from Spotlight, very good at creating the spider web look knitting that I love so
4. The X-Files
Best TV show ever? I think so. I have officially watched every episode and both of the movies. I wish I was beautiful like Scully. Or had a lovely FBI agent partner like Mulder. What a shame he grew up and got hella dodgy. It breaks my heart

5. DIY vintage clothing
How I wish the pants I cut up turned out this good! Theres nothing more fun than revamping old clothing, especially when you can say you made it all on your own

And that is all for now, expect more posts soon!