Monday, October 26, 2009

Bonjour Internet

Good morrow to thee, interwebs and its inhabitants. This blog is just to share some of my favourite things, and what I'm up to. Lets start with 5 of my favourite things

1. KittensHave you ever noticed cat lovers are significantly more fanatical than dog lovers? I mean I like dogs, but I LOVEEE cats, like collecting figurines-wishing I had about 15 cats kinda love. I don't think dog lovers do that. I could however be wrong

2. Kooky Fashion
I don't mean Alexander McQueen kinda kooky, though I do still love that, I mean more this cute horsey dress by Marchesa, so so pretty! Looks slightly like an ice skating costume though...


Look at that amazing scarf! I love knitting, I wish I was better at it. I use one of the knitting looms you get from Spotlight, very good at creating the spider web look knitting that I love so
4. The X-Files
Best TV show ever? I think so. I have officially watched every episode and both of the movies. I wish I was beautiful like Scully. Or had a lovely FBI agent partner like Mulder. What a shame he grew up and got hella dodgy. It breaks my heart

5. DIY vintage clothing
How I wish the pants I cut up turned out this good! Theres nothing more fun than revamping old clothing, especially when you can say you made it all on your own

And that is all for now, expect more posts soon!

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