Thursday, February 4, 2010

Isn't It Romantic

As we find ourselves drifting closer and closer to the dreaded Valentine's Day, I feel I should do more posts about it. Even though I hate it.
Stupid Valentine's Day.

But anyway, Here are some things you can do in preparation for this day

1. Read A Romance Novel.
this is basically a standard cover, which is still hilarious

Sure they're trashy and usually smutty beyond belief and possibly even extremely chauvanistic, but the point is they're usually hella romantic and leave middle aged women feeling all gushy and happy. Or something...I'm really not sure

2. Watch A Romantic Movie

Something like Love Actually, or 10 Things I hate about you, or another one. Basically any movie that makes you hate every male in your life and daydream of being taken away to a magical love-ridden world. My favourite is definently Love Actually, especially Rowan Atkinson's role where he does whatever he wants to help or hinder people.

3. Makeover!

Nothing like a makeover to change how you percieve yourself. Maybe just buy some sexy underwear or an UBER push up bra, if you're being money savvy. Or you could go the whole hog, haircut, hair colour, new clothes, facial etc etc etc etc. I like buying new makeup, always makes me feel new and pretty again.

4. Lady Date

In case you're like me and a bit manless, get together with other single friends and have a lady date, with ice cream and chocolate and crying and all the things above. Guaranteed to be more fun than going on an awkward date with someone you just met. Unless you're into that. Whatever.

And that concludes my Valentine's Day post for today, expect another post later in relation to something else, probably things I want to buy

Au Revior


  1. Love Actually is one of my very favorite movies. Great choice!

  2. Love your list! I don't like Vals day either.