Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice In Wonderland: a review

Recently I saw Alice In Wonderland, IN 3D of all things, and here's what I thought of it (may or may not contain spoilers...)

As a total Alice In Wonderland nerd, I thoroughly enjoyed Tim Burton's take on it. It was essentially 'Through the Looking-Glass' but with the Jabberwocky poem thrown in as well
(sorry if I'm spoiling anything, I don't mean to I swear).

The costumes were DEVINE, and the Mad Hatter was so adorable and sad at some moments. I didn't like the ending, it made me sad and cranky and I think Alice made the wrong decision, BUT it was still great. Alice made a total of maybe 6 costume changes, all of them devine.

As a AIW nerd, I thought they got some of it wrong. (dont read on if you haven't seen it)
Firstly, the Red Queen seemed a bit confused with the Queen of Hearts, and had Card Guards instead of chess pieces like the White Queen. It wasn't a huge difference, but it niggled at the back of my head and irritated me slightly. Also the Doormouse wasn't sleepy, though I suppose that could be chalked up to that whole war thing.

Well thats all I have to say about it, apart from you should see it immediately, and enjoy it thoroughly.

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