Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sorry sorry sorry for being absent for the past...long time. My laptop died and I couldn't remember the necessary passwords to get into the necessary programs and UGH its been a nightmare.

I might be posting a bit more now, seeing as I'm home with the flu and not going to Tafe or parties or anything of the like.
I would have liked to go to a fundraiser on friday for my old school, someone set a fire to the admin block and everyone has gotten ever so upset about it, as it destroyed part of the centre for our old principal who passed away :(

But enough of this depressing nonsense, on with the blooooooooog

Chantecaille's new Lumière de Rose. Isn't it charming? Oh how I love glitter. It can be used as an eyeshadow, lip tint, blush or you can blend it with foundation or concealer and be only slightly glittery (not for me, I like my glitter drag-queen-esque). If I had the money I would totally buy it, just for the darling rose compact.

Overalls. Why oh why do people want to wear overalls. Look at them, these are DESIGNER overalls, and they still look awful. If it wasn't for that cute little shirt I might boycott Ralph Lauren (no I couldn't do that). I just do not enjoy them in the slightest.

And thats all I can be bothered with


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