Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diggety Dawgg

Hello Hello
Well I went out for the first time the other night. It was a terrifying experience. I question the integrity of a 30 year old man who goes out and gets drunk at 6pm on a Tuesday Evening. I learnt my lesson though, always go out with a male in the group. Makes me wish I knew this before my friends and I organised a girls weekend...
Oh well. My friends got me the best presents! I got a charm bracelet with all personal charms, INCLUDING one thats engraved! But enough about me, how was your Melbourne Cup night?

I need a new swimsuit, and I stumbled upon this one by Mark Fast. It's so ornate, which is of course completely impractical, but looks so darn pretty! Also, I think its just the angle, but those shoes are so darn hideous...I think I've seen them before looking better, because I see a glint of promise in them
So 90s grunge it brings tears to my eyes. This girl is far too skinny in my opinion though, and you can really tell when the girls model swimsuits. This is by Hervé Léger by Max Azria. He picked a strange makeup choice, all his models look a bit washed out and pale...Oh Lacoste, like a breeze on a summers day, you bring the cheekiness that swimwear deserves. Love the shoes, love the hair and hat, love the strange belt, love love love it all. They had a huge selection of BRIGHT YELLOW swimmers, but the photos were a bit all over the place and my brain isnt working enough to figure out how to put them all up
I probably wouldnt like it as much without the skeleton thing, which really just proves the importance of accessorising.

Well thats all I have the energy for
Coast weekend tomorrow! YAYYYYY
See you all in 3 or so days!

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