Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bedtime Buddy

Seeing as my cat doesnt like to snuggle, I need a new Bedtime Buddy, preferably something odd and kitsch. I found...$16 Narwal plushes
Everyone loves a narwal. They're the unicorns of the sea! These are very cute, though real narwals are scary horned whales that live in the ocean, and nothing terrifies me more than the ocean...

found here
I've spoken about the GIANTmicrobes before, here is herpes plushes. Ain't they sweet?
In that infectious never-leaving disease way of course

And that's really all I could find that I liked. Of course theres all those Domo and Gloomy Bear and Hello Kitty and related things, but I don't really like them. Not my styyyyyyyyyle.

In other news, today we sold our house (we being mother, sister, grandma and I) and we shall be moving in 8 days to a new house with a pool! Just in time for summer too.

Well, that's all from me. Hope all you Americans had a good Thanksgiving and such, and everyone else had a good regular non-eventful Thursday like I did.


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